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Company Name ROCK PAINT Co., Ltd.
Osaka Head Office
3-1-47 , Himejima Nishi-yodogawa-ku , Osaka 555-0033 , Japan
TEL : +81-6-6473-1551
Tokyo Head Office
2-37-2 , Minamisuna Koto-ku , Tokyo 136-0076 , Japan
TEL : +81-3-3640-6000
Date of Establishment April 16, 1952
Equity 40,949 million yen (As of the end of March 2024)
( Including capital 100 million yen )
Number of Employees 508 persons (As of the end of March 2023)
President Mr. Togo Utsumi
Main Fields of the Business Manufacture and sale of paint and adhesive products.
Consolidated subsidiary PT. ROCK PAINT INDONESIA





Automotive Refinish Paints

[Automotive Refinish Paints]

Automotive refinish paints is our root. We have gained trust and achievements since our founding as the industry’s top brand in Japan.
In order to meet the needs of automotive repairing industry, which contributes to creating a safe and secure working environment for operators and to reduce the burden on the global environment, we will expand the use of environment friendly paints including water borne paints.
We will keep on creating new add value to Automotive refinish paints.

Decorative Paints

[Decorative Paints]

In order to respond to the need to reduce environmental impact, we are developing not only highly durable paints that achieve aesthetics and long-term maintenance, but also high solar reflectance paints that suppress indoor temperature rise, or lead / chrome-free paints that do not contain harmful substances, or water-based paints that do not contain volatile organic compounds, etc.
PT. ROCK PAINT INDONESIA, our subsidiary and overseas manufacturing base, supply optimal paints for Indonesian market based on technology accumulated in Japan.

Industrial Paints and Adhesive

[Industrial Paints and Adhesive]

For thermosetting industrial paints mainly used in factory lines, we are working to expand high-performance products including powder coatings with functions such as durability, high corrosion protection, and low temperature curing, etc.
In addition, adhesives for lamination developed by applying resin synthesis technology for paints are used for a variety of applications, including retort pouch, toiletry product packages, solar cell back-sheets and lithium-ion battery. They are the main product of PT. ROCK PAINT INDONESIA, our subsidiary and overseas manufacturing base.

DIY Paints (Home Use Paints)

[DIY Paints (Home Use Paints)]

The know-how cultivated in commercial paints is fed back to DIY paints. We are developing mainly aerosol spray can paints for home use paints focusing on security and safety.